A weekend away 
to Bilbao BBK Live X Savage Thrills
City replete with character and creativity, Bilbao is constantly evolving. A social and cultural melting pot where its inhabitants take centre stage. This is even more evident in Bilbao La Vieja, where emerging artists share space and often the same concerns with neighbourhood associations and social movements, a laboratory of ideas in a district amidst regeneration. Bilbao BBK Livehistorically committed to Bilbao’s musical development as one of the biggest festivals on the Iberian peninsula and in the Basque Country with a stellar line-up year after year since its first edition thirteen years ago in 2005. The festival has played host to some of the worlds biggest artists: Guns n Roses, Depeche Mode, the Deftones, Iron Maiden, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, Incubus, The Police, R.E.M and The Prodigy.
It all takes place against the backdrop of the unique Mont Cobetas landscape, overlooking the city of Bilbao. The Basque capital has been accruing an increasing reputation as a top tourist destination.
As they say, only music can bring the mountain to the city… Bilbao BBK Live descended last weekend from the green pastures of Kobetamendi in the heart of the Basque Country to bring over 50 bands and cultural activities to the city streets.
With a line-up that included Gorillaz, The XX, Fischerspooner, Chemical Brothers, David Byrne, Young Fathers and more, it could only be a blast even with the rain. Special mention to the music festival their organisation was at its best, with a team that welcomed us with open arms and one of the most friendly and respectful crowd we have seen in ages… There’s nothing like attending a music festival or the challenge of getting photos that really capture the festival experience. The music-filled gatherings offer plenty of interesting characters, both on stage and off, that will make for some truly awesome shots.
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